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Monument and Museum to the Emigrant

The Monument to the Emigrant - Monumento all’ Emigrante

     When someone goes to Favale, they always come back with a photo of the Monument to the Emigrant.  It’s quite an impressive monument dedicated to the many emigrants who left Favale to find their fortunes in the Americas.  These emigrants are our ancestors!

Courtesy of Ginger Staral

     The emigrant stands with his single suitcase sitting next to him.  He looks as if he is reflecting on his past life in Favale and pondering what lies ahead for him in the Americas.  One might think that families left Favale together, but most often it was the young boy, or husband that left alone to make his fortune and then send for the rest of the family.  In the smaller plaques on the side of the monument, there is a  scene of the emigrant leaving Favale, with the wife and child waving goodbye.  The other scene shows the emigrant man, standing alone on the ship, with the statue of Liberty in view.

     Many emigrants sent clothes and money back to Favale to help their struggling families.  Here’s a quote from a past Favale resident, “I remember that as soon as the war finished, your mother and her siblings, sent us some clothing packages for a few years and at Christmas, even some money that uncle used to put inside pockets of clothes they would send us.  I can’t tell you the joy because we had all remained in the most squalid misery.”  All gifts and money sent back to Favale helped to make life better.

The monument was inaugurated in 1989.  The sculptor was Luigi Grande, born in Palermo in 1939, but was raised in Liguria from childhood.  Padre Celso is standing to the far left.  Photo from book “Il mio Paese - Padre Celso da Favale”   Fig 97

As you can see by the graph, Favale’s population decreased greatly in the 100 year period from 1871 (it’s highest population) to 1971.  In 1971, the population was only slightly over 1/4 the population of 100 years previous.  In 2001 the population of Favale was reported to be only 480.

House to the Emigrant - Casa dell Emigrante

     This is a photo of the home of Luigi Giannini, Amadeo Pietro Giannini’s father.  Although Amadeo was born in San Jose, California, his father was born in Favale.  The home was restored in 1983 and made into a museum, thanks to the contributions of the bank which A.P. Giannini started, Bank of America (Bank of Italy).  The museum was than donated, by Bank of America, to the municipality of Favale in 1988.  In it houses many documents, photos and furnishings that show 19th century daily life.

     I found one website from Favale that stated the museum is adjacent to the Casa dell’ Emigrante. This building is dedicated to the many emigrants of Favale.  It is a house that is devoted to sharing the stories of emigrants and is a meeting place for the many Favale descendants. 

Address:   via Acereto 16
                 Favale di Malvaro 16040
Contact:   comunedifavale@libero.it
Hours:      Open upon request
Phone:      0185/975 195