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What's New

June 2008   - Launch of our revised and updated website!  This site now includes ALL families of Favalesi ancestors.  We are still in the process of construction.  New items will be added and we encourage you to visit our site often (and tell all your family and Favalesi cousins about our revised and updated website).

1.  SEARCHABLE DATABASE.  If your ancestor is not listed, please contact us with your information and we will include them in the database.  For privacy reasons, only deceased persons are able to be shown on the website.  All living people will be shown as “Living”.

     If you find any person that is listed as “Living” and you know they are deceased, please let us know the death date, death place and they will then appear on the website with their name.  If you are having trouble finding your ancestor, click on the  Search Help button on the left side of the website.

2.  FAVALE DI MALVARO INFORMATION.  We would like to give you as much information as possible about our ancestral town of Favale.  You will be able to find information about Favale history, churches, local businesses, travel tips, the Emigrant Monument, Emigrant Festival, and much more.

     We encourage anyone that has been to Favale to Contact Us  with travel tips.  Favalesi descendants, like yourself, can have a much better travel experience by knowing the advise of other travelers.

3.  FAVALE HAMLETS - Favale is made up of different small hamlets.  As we find families, we will share informtion and photos with you.  So far we have information for Castello (San Vincenzo) and Monteghirfo..  If you have information about any Favale hamlet, please Contact Us.

4. CEREGHINO SONGS  - We have had 13 of the Cereghino Ballad Singer songs translated into English.  You’ve got to at least read the first song, “The Duties of a Good Christian and a Civilized People”.  It is something that every person should read - it’s amazing!

5.  WHAT’S COMING IN JULY 2008...  Information for hamlet Alvari, the Catholic parish of Montehgirfo, Unidentified Photos, photos from June 2008 Emigrant Festival, our favorite Favale internet links, Favale local businesses and... we will start entering individual photos of ancestors.   If you have information to share, please Contact Us.

Most important - tell all your family and Favalesi cousins about our website!