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IL GIORNALE 12-21-07

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Welcome to Favale Connection

NEW software! NEW features!

     If your ancestors lived in the town of Favale di Malvaro, Genova, Liguria, Italy or if your family includes the surnames Arata, Barbagelata, Boitano, Cavagnaro, Cereghino, Consiglieri, Cordano, Crino, DeBenedetti, DeMartini, Dondero, Ferretti, Foppiano, Galletti, Garbarino, Giannini, Guainazzo, Larnia Putisu, Malatesta, Mangini, Pezzolo, Porcella, Queirolo, Rampoldi, Segale, Serra or Stanghelino, then this website is for you!  It is the culmination of more than 10 years of genealogical research gathered by the descendants of Adele Cereghino, born 1892 in Favale.

     We freely share our findings with you in hopes of reconstructing the family history of Favale and reconnecting our mega-family that is today scattered worldwide.  We invite you to join our quest by sharing your family information and by visiting our website often.  The new format permits us to update frequently whenever additional information is received.  The new format permits you to search our entire database and to print your own family charts. 

     If you have information, comments or questions, please contact us. Old photos with identified and unidentified persons of Favale are especially appreciated.

    May you be successful in finding your Favale Connection!

Ginger Staral - Project administrator-USA and Italia  
Jeanne Boschi - Project assistant- Latin America & all other locations
Ben Allen - Production coordinator
Nicholas Allen - Web development specialist