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Favale Festival of the Emigrant - Festa dellí Emigrante

     Are you planning a trip to Favale and wondering what is the best time to go?  Why not consider going to Favale at the end of June and attend the annual Festival of the Emigrant that is celebrated right in your ancestral town of Favale!

     The festival was started in 1955 and has been an annual event ever since.  It is always the last Sunday in June.  Why not plan to attend June 28, 2009?  Ginger and Jeanne are planning on attending in 2009 and we invite YOU to consider attending.  We are currently making contact as to the best place to stay, what airport to fly into, etc.  If you’re interested, Contact Us.  We’ll keep you posted as to our suggestions.

     Here’s what Giovanni Boitano, Deputy Mayor of Favale, has said about the festival: “The festival represents an occasion to not only remember a moment important in our history, and all of Liguria, but also helps to make cultural ties between...people of our territory and the populations beyond the ocean.”  As you can see the Favalesi people are pleased to invite us to see the land of our ancestors.



Next Festa dell’ Emigrante: 28 June 2009
Plan now to visit Favale next summer!



2008 Festa dell' Emigrante Photos