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New Little Song About Bequines and False Devoted People

Dear people come over here and stop to remain and hear this old little song that to tell the truth is realit will touch just a partof the bequine race. Look out you my darling brothers don't believe in the bequinesas they are a race of scoundrels and they want to appear as saints but if they find people real believers you find them always in your way.This race of people here appear to be saints to betray they seem holy pictures in the church but they are small devils out of the churchin the house where you have one cannot live none. Who wants to live as a good Christian from the bequines should stay far because these adverse people most of them act as spies and their tongues are evil bringing damage to society. They go around with malice among married and not married among friends and among relatives and around all their acquaintances and from the language of a bequine a lot of probelms always arise. There will be this poor daughter and there is this young guy that bequine arrives who goes to mass every morning with a basket in her hands which is full of pastries. If she starts to talk badly of her that she is an ill-mannered girl that she looks ugly that she has tried everything what else remains to this poor bridegroom but to remain there as a beautiful unbeliever. With this continuous bad saying he doesn't go to visit her anymore and for the language of a devil the marriage is broken and for this reason it becomes a big sin for Christians. The bequines have always been the ruin of society and besides these pigs are among the worst thieves and mean the most ill-mannered people you can imagine. They believe to save themselves going to church to be bequines but who wants to go to heaven has to do some good the Lord has spoken clear and he has said "In truth" that who wants to go to heaven has to do some charity. And you need to live correctly to love God with your heart because he doesn't want in heaven any bequins and crooked necks.There the liberals go who protect the truth and sincere and loyal hearted who have done some charity. It is a pity that here every day there are certain bequines if a poor man knocks on the door they don't even give him a penny. To see them with patience they look people of the Lord and then they are stingy more than Giuda the traitor. Who is seen with the purses dealers and storekeepers almost every morning you can see them at the confessor. See them there in the church all intent to their prayers sincere and without lies they seem the fathers of the devotions. But if then you know the imposture of their majesties just gone out of church just try to go to buy some milk. He will give you stuff gone badly or of scarce measure and he will also do even worse to make you spend more.There is that bequin who goes to church every morning there she goes with the ...and the pockets full of... and as soon as you are inside she threatens you of slaps. They are also there the good Christians who go to church to do some good who live correctly and honestly they do some good to the poors and by God they will be rewardedfor the whole eternity. For these ones day will come where we will see them exalted with the angels all around and jubilating in eternity. Let's see them in heaven surrounded by every shine for which they will eternally see the beauties of the Lord. But for the race of the bequines heaven is already full and for them there is no more place and they will all go into the fire all together with their master down to the hell to make coal. I warn you my dear brothers don't believe in the bequines because to show them upthey fool you for sure and even if they will not do any harm you will always get it from the bequines. -----Translated by: Enrico Pelos, Genova, Italy Note of the translator: The song is a translation from ancient Genoise Dialect and therefore some of the words are not in use anymore and of difficult interpretation. The translation has been obviously carried out as far as the meaning is concerned more than the poetic style.